If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Bar cabinet

Black & red bar cabinet

In our city there is a workshop where they create unique and simply luxurious things. Masters with long-standing experience excel in giving life to truly unique furniture. A simple chair, lamp or mirror – they turn an ordinary interior item into a masterpiece, an object of art. How about that?
There is something English, noble, and aristocratic about that furniture. It spreads the aura of Sherlock Holmes and D-r Watson. The epoch when the honourable gentlemen gathered in the drawing rooms in the evening to discuss the latest news and have a glass of whiskey. The fire crackles peacefully in the fireplace, and its glare mysteriously shows off in the gold trim of the bar. The interlocutors are comfortably seated in chairs and have a simple, pleasant conversation, making famous English jokes now and then. Amazing! The style helps recreate the spirit and atmosphere of the time. We each may imagine something different, but the fact is that this furniture strikes a chord with everyone.

The game of style, colour, shapes, decorative elements – every detail has been thought out here!
The first thing, the colour, wins attention. The combination of red and black leaves no one aloof, and gold only adds to the greatness, emphasizing the status.

As you can see, the designer assigns a significant role to detail. All the small elements are carefully thought out and made in the technique of gilding. This is when the surface is covered with a thin layer of metal, polished and opened with varnish, therefore, a unique decorative effect is achieved. The work is quite delicate, but the result is worth it. After all, only through this technique, the natural effect and shine of the metal is revealed.

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Products are painted with chalk paints.

These are special paints for furniture. They fit perfectly and allow you to create an incredible variety of textures and effects on various surfaces. Chalk paint has an advantage over other paints, as it is environmental and totally odourless. Thus, the end user gets a high-end product – a symbiosis of quality and chic design solutions.

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Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 128 × 53 × 122 cm