If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Clear wax


Vintro Clear wax

Our waxes comes in clear or dark and can be applied with either one of our natural bristle wax brushes or a lint free rag made from an old bed sheet or tee-shirt.  It is a beautiful soft wax and unlike many other waxes on the market, it can be buffed immediately to a high sheen.

Vintro Waxes can be used over any of the Vintro Paints or on unpainted wooden surfaces.
It will take 7 days for the waxes to cure, after which time the surface can be wiped with a dry or damp duster.  We recommend that you re-wax your project yearly for continued protection.
For areas of high moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens or exterior projects, we recommend using Vintro Extreme Lacquer.


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