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Estonian couple creates unusual Eco Furniture

Interview for the newspaper Metro St. Petersburg

Natalia often makes paintings or prints on textiles.


Janek and Natalia Eljas, husband and wife from Estonia, create unusual handmade furniture. The surprising part of the Color Life project, first of all, is the design of armchairs, dressers, tables, lamps, mirrors and other home decor objects.

“Frida” armchair is made in the classic technique, in which few specialists work nowadays: coil springs, algae, horsehair.


It is also interesting that all the furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials: natural chalk paints, waxes, varnishes, brushes and other elements. “Thus, algae are chosen for the armchairs’ upholstery filling, which used to be the common technique until 1960 since foam filling did not exist yet. People used to make sleeping places from algae since ancient times. Nowadays this material is particularly appreciated. I know that in Russia only few specialists continue using the old technique with algae. It is possible to find such specialists mainly in Europe. Few craftsmen use this technique nowadays, since this work requires knowledge, skills, and patience. But the material is timeproof, such an armchair will keep an excellent shape and you will enjoy it for at least 50 years”, Natalia Eljas shared with Metro.