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Stella Carcass Preparation

When making good furniture there’s no need for assembly lines or mass producing.

puit-karkassI spend as much time as I need to make an armchair. The time invested in it allows me to pay attention to detail, ensuring the best quality. Striving for perfection creates value, a family heritage that will last for generations. The frame structure of the armchair is made only from pure solid wood.

From January 20, 2021 the frame of the armchair Stella consists 100% of natural wood, and it worthily belongs to the list of solid wood furniture.


About Stella:karkass-color-life

We have been making the armchair model Stella since 2018. We set a goal to make an armchair with a timeless design, effective, created with the quality that will last for generations, with compact proportions, supporting your arms, back and head – everything to give you a comfortable sitting position. Having considered our own and our customers’ observations, we designed the armchair of our dreams by thoroughly upgrading the original model. The proportions, ergonomic functionality, quality and design are effective – this is confirmed by people’s interest and the growing number of orders.

The frame structure of the armchair

Trying to attain excellence, I achieved a significant result in the quality of the frame structure of the armchair. Since I am a perfectionist by nature, it bothered me that the frame that was supposed to be of solid wood also contained 12 screws of stainless steel. Which in itself is perfectly acceptable – a good solution justified and used in practice in the context of certain units. However, the desire to achieve even more in terms of quality, to add durability to the frame and make it purely of solid wood, I took action.

I must admit, not everything worked easily, and since I never look for simple solutions, I got more and more eager. In a way, it became a matter of honour. To find the best solutions, I invested a lot of time in it, to put it mildly. I built more self-confidence, developed mastery, gained knowledge and increased my patience. And on a beautiful winter day in January, the result was what I had visualized in my mind. The result is a frame structure held together only by different furniture joints, i.e. mortises, tenons, dowelled joints, dominoes, Japanese wood nail fasteners. My effort was worth it, the innovations added durability and the necessary flexibility to the frame, which means an even longer service life.


Handcrafted solid wood furniture has value and soul

Wood is a unique natural material, the wonderful properties of which provide an opportunity to create genuine and long-lasting beauty. This living material is like touching Mother Earth – a deep connection with pure nature. When I come in contact with wood, I feel a proximity to nature. Since childhood, I have had a love for nature and a special connection with the forest and wood.

This inner intuitive connection accompanies me throughout my life and shapes my attitude towards nature and life as a whole. When making another wooden armchair, or some other piece, I am very grateful and try to appreciate with respect and dignity everything that nature has to offer.


The belief in core values ​​has led me to use this unique resource with dignity. Everything I create from wood is handcrafted, I put my soul and love in it. By acting and living consciously, it becomes a value that gives me the right to say: I make items that embody all of intrinsic characteristics of good furniture.
There is no place in my work for the concepts of assembly lines and mass production. It takes exactly as much time as necessary to make a piece of furniture. It takes decades for the forest to grow, and when I do the same – contribute the most valuable thing, my time, – putting my heart in it, and acting prudently, I show gratitude and respect towards nature. The time invested allows me to pay attention to details and considering my strive for excellence, I always desire the perfect result.


I rely on classical and traditional knowledge of wood processing and integrate new technological possibilities. It fills me with special warmth when I use ordinary woodwork tools, such as planers, chisels, etc. in the process. In addition to high-tech power equipment, I also use hand tools and hardware whenever possible. The mix allows to maintain exceptional precision in making, joining and finishing of the details, and adds a genuine aura of handicraft to the furniture.
The frame structures of the furniture are made only from solid wood, without any exception. Wood is an indispensable material for me. Just looking at the wood, smelling and touching it gives me pleasure. Each type of wood has its own worth, and is irreplaceable when used for the right purpose, whether it is pine or ash, birch, maple or oak. I use them almost always in combination, because then the result is perfect in its wholeness.

In the business world, time has taken on a material meaning – “time is money“. For me, however, efficiency is expressed in the attitude to life, the energy of time. My calling is my life. Being in harmony with myself and perceiving my inner balance, I’m in constant development, which is an effective driving force. I consciously contribute time with dedication, thus achieving a perfect end-result.

When creating and enjoying the process, I feel supreme happiness. I sincerely believe that everyone who buys a piece of furniture which is built by a person with positively charged energy, will benefit from it. You will have an emotional bond with the furniture – this adds extra value to your space, and is designed to last a lifetime.