If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Investing in the revival of beauty and style

  Most of us strive for success by learning foreign languages, mastering new skills and knowledge, purchasing modern things and carefully following fashion trends, including, in the interior.

And they are such that everything natural and alive is again at the peak of popularity and deserves attention, like, for example, wood. Products from this nature’s gift are pleasing to the eye and warm the soul up, and it is a real pity to say goodbye to them when they lose their attractiveness under the weight of time.

The Color Life workshop is a creative tandem of two creative individuals with their own perception of beauty and love.

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A restorer and designer Natalja Eljas is a creative and interesting person with golden hands, who considers wood a unique natural material and gives products from wood a new life, sometimes much brighter and more stylish.


Just look at her work, and you will immediately get carried away! Yesterday, your grandmother’s chair or chest of drawers literally were breathing out the age and decrepitude, and today they have turned into exclusive furniture for your home!
Natalja literally revives the wood to a new life, restoring the frames of old sofas and armchairs, chairs and banquettes, giving them the opportunity to please you again and again.

Janek is a designer who creates real masterpieces of carpentry. The wood can serve up to four hundred years, especially from such valuable species as oak, ash, beech, cedar, birch. The main thing is the competent processing and creative inspiration of the master whose hands process it. In his carpentry workshop, original chairs for your living room, armchairs and sofas, cabinets and shelves are born. There is nothing impossible for him – feel free to voice your wishes!

In this creative union, real miracles come out of the hands of artists, which can easily become a part of your home.



In the family circle, the author’s chair will not only become a favourite place to relax, but also an excellent investment. Your descendants will be happy to get exclusive furniture inherited. After all, who would refuse to take a guest in the favourite ‘eared’ chair of the English Queen Anne or refined French armchair of the King of the Sun himself, letting in a real story into their house?
Maybe you are closer to the Art Deco or the style of your own? Unique and inimitable? Janek will embody all your desires in new furniture design to your taste and mood, using a solid array of valuable wood for implementation.

Still don’t know how to please a loved one or friend, business partner or potential sponsor of your projects? Order bright and stylish armchairs and sofas in our Studio. They are not just a profitable investment or original interior decor. They are a vivid demonstration of taste and tradition, at the same time of comfort and style.

Allow yourself the pleasure of investing in overpowering beauty and enjoying it every day with a cup of your favourite pick-me-up drink in a cosy armchair in your living room.