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Janek Eljas, a woodworker. Life full of color.


Self-portrait. Janek Eljas, a woodworker. Life full of color.

Photo: Konstantin Tatar

The building of a centuries-old house begins with a high-quality foundation, but the central piece of valuable furniture is a frame made of carpentry timber.

When creating, I emphasize even the smallest detail. The time devoted to the work and complete attention ensures the accuracy and quality of the end result. The stability of the joints as well as the material used must be equally good: wood, glue, oil, etc.
Professional, carefully selected tools and equipment are also prerequisites for the job to be done properly.
In my work, I rely on the classical wood processing technology and traditional knowledge, blending up-to-date technological possibilities into my items. It’s especially nice to work with hand tools, such as a planer and a chisel that I use aside from electrical equipment. The combination allows me to maintain precision in producing, joining and finishing of the details, and it adds a genuine handicraft aura to the furniture.
I put my heart in the furniture I make. I enjoy creating, it makes me happy. I believe that anyone who buys an armchair charged with positive energy will benefit from it. This is how value is born – a family heritage that will last for generations.


Janek and Natalja’s original view of beauty

Color Life is a design studio of Janek and Natalja Eljas, an ingenious tandem of two creative personalities, who have a specific view of beauty and love. They are committed to inspire with their colors, and personalize the interior. “There are never too many colors,” says Natalja, a woman who is as cheerful and memorable as the art she creates. A restorer and designer by profession, she has golden hands, and she considers wood to be a unique natural material. She gives a new life to her products, a very bright and stylish one. Together with Janek, they create a well-functioning tandem, for it’s his amazing woodworking crafts that help them create unique furniture.


Handmade solid wood furniture with value and soul.

Wood is a unique natural material, the wonderful properties of which make it possible to create genuine, lasting beauty. This living material is like a touch of the Mother Earth, a deep connection with the pure nature.
Since my earliest childhood I have displayed a love of nature, and a special connection with the forest and wood. When working with wood, I feel a primal proximity to nature, and I’m grateful for the fruits offered by nature.
Everything I create from wood is handcrafted with soul and love. There’s no place for the terms “assembly line” or “mass production”. The furniture is completed gradually – like the forest growing for decades –, and each time I try to achieve the perfect result.
I use solid wood for the furniture frame. Wood is an indispensable material. It’s such a pleasure in itself to look at wood, smell it and feel its structure. Each type of wood is valuable and has its own purpose, be it pine or ash, birch, maple or oak.
I use them in combination to make the frame, so the result would be perfect.
In the business world, time has taken on a material meaning – time is money. For me, on the other hand, efficiency is expressed in my outlook on life, the energy of time. My calling is a part of my life. I am in harmony with myself and I maintain my inner balance when constantly developing.
Everything we create in the Color Life Studio – me and my wife Natalja – is born out of a desire to create beauty, to create with dedication, from the bottom of our hearts.
We are grateful to everyone who find delight in and enjoy our work. It’s so good to add beauty and colors to the world, light up your eyes, bring you joy and love. Let’s build a better, fairer and cleaner world together!


color-life-disainmoobelA special armchair.

For a long time we had a great desire to build a dignified armchair. A piece of furniture that would be the heart of a home. A special, reliable, warm and faithful companion that stores traditions throughout life and will last over time.
The armchair is visually enjoyable and elegant, its ergonomics and functionality help to relax, supporting the head, back and legs, it has a comfortable and deep sitting position. An armchair that can be used to create unique designs and effective variants, and which is durable and also easy to restore.
The frame of the armchair is made of solid wood. The glulam parts of the frame are connected in a rigid construction. Only the wooden joints and fasteners hold the frame together: pins, tenons, dowels, dominos, Japanese wooden nails, etc. The frame is impregnated with a mixture of white poppy, sweet orange and linseed oils. These oils repel moisture and dirt, and allow the wood to breathe, contain no biocides or preservatives, have antimicrobial properties, and are safe for people.
The armchair was ready in about 30 days.