If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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“Beauty will save the world”

“Beauty will save the world” – a phrase by the famous Russian classic Fyodor Dostoevsky demonstrates the modern meaning of beauty in the life of every person.

In the age of high- tech, super speeds and minimalism, beautiful original solutions in the interior contribute to the revival of the manifestation of individuality, sincerity, your own view of love, beauty and style. Exclusive furniture with original design is widely used in modern interiors, especially for people with a creative view of the surrounding world.

Today, paintings by Bosch, Russo, and Klimt are adorned not only by galleries, but appreciated in clothing collections by such notorious couturiers as Galliano, Valentino and Carven fashion houses. The fashion trend of using the theme of paintings by famous masters in the production of clothing has now moved to furniture design and home accessories.


Meet us: we are designers Natalia and Janek Eljas, creative and active individuals with a broad soul, a special view of the world and the manifestations of its beauty. It is difficult for us to stay within the framework of just one activity and we bring creative ideas to different aspects of life.





We have expanded the horizons of art to the living room and bedroom of every home, filling them with love and passion. Stylish chairs of exclusive design not only fit harmoniously into the interior, but also give comfort, cosiness and a positive attitude to their owners or guests. Although modern women do not wear dresses with crinoline, they too, like the beauties of the 18th century, value comfort, which means that the chairs ’Stella Maria’, ‘Mary’ and ‘Green lagoon’ will definitely appeal to them. Soft upholstery combined with bright colours – a real explosion of emotions!


And last but not least! Our creative team of like-minded people brings to life old furniture, which in most cases is waiting for an inglorious future in the fireplace or in the landfill. Beautiful original finish with decorative elements based on famous works of art make it unique. Magic chairs, ottomans and banquettes with a bright colour palette will become a real nest of luxury and comfort, as they are all very comfortable and practical.

Let beauty burst into your life through magical dreams that you will surely experience on an exclusive pillow from the COLOR LIFE, or that will flutter out to you from an old red and black bar along with an amber-like brandy or sparkling glass of wine.