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The Lucya armchair!

The armchair of your dreams with a sweet orange and white poppy aroma blend!



Authentic furniture design:

I (Janek Elias, Designer and Woodworker at Color Life) make the armchair carcass from solid wood, first-class carpentry timber that has consistent quality guaranteed by a long-term partner relationship.

The construction of Lucya is unique, as its frame is a single unit, pieces joined together by wooden joints and connections, mostly by different wooden pegs, tenons, dowels, also using Domino joints, Japanese wood joints, and, to a lesser extent, stainless steel wood screws.


The carcass is impregnated with natural, pure white poppy and sweet orange oils – an especially developed organic oil blend.

I consciously invest the most precious thing – my time – in making the carcass, thereby achieving a perfect end result.

I place great emphasis on the smallest detail. The time invested allows me to demonstrate accuracy and attention to detail, thus ensuring stable quality.

I put my heart in the furniture I make. Enjoying the process makes me extremely happy. I sincerely believe that everyone who buys a piece of furniture from a true craftsman, created with positively charged energy will benefit from it.

The pursuit of perfection creates value – a family heritage that will last for generations.

This means making furniture that develops an emotional bond, which adds value to your space, and is designed to last.

The armchair carcass:


The long development phase in creating Lycia, the elimination of errors and shortcomings that have come up in the process, have made it possible to make a special specimen that is durable, comfortable and eye-catching.

As for quality, complete accuracy and stability in making the joints and in choosing the materials (wood, glue, oil, etc) are vital. Complete accuracy is ensured by carefully chosen professional instruments, and the necessary equipment performing their function 100%. All tools and materials are deliberately selected.

Since I’m a perfectionist by nature, there’s no room for chance in my work, and the pursuit of perfection is my normal attitude. By striving and creating with my whole heart in it, I have achieved, if not perfect, then a near-perfect result in developing the quality of this armchair frame.

The story behind Lucya:

We have been making the armchair model Lucya since 2016. The model originates from the Emma armchair, the piece of classic style Swedish furniture. It is a cult model that is unquestionably one of the most loved armchairs in Sweden.

The history of Lucya dates back to the period when we were busy restoring wooden furniture. Namely, we started our business in 2013, with restoring high-quality wooden furniture. Looking back, this armchair model was definitely a trendsetter for us, and this is where the new era of our family-run business Color Life started: we began to produce new furniture.

Based on our restoration experience and the customers’ observations, it was obvious the model needed some adjustment for people of the new era, mostly in terms of height and size. Suddenly, it was clear to which direction, and how we wanted to proceed. We aimed to build a standard Color Life model with a timeless design based on the Emma armchair – the carcass on which to create our own unique design, boasting with different exquisite variations. To make an armchair that is durable, easy to restore, designed to last for generations. A chair which, with its dimensions, ergonomics, proportion and functionality, is good for relaxing, with back support, practical and comfortable to sit in; an armchair that is visually delightful, chic and elegant.

Having considered our own observations and those of our customers, we have refined the model, i.e. the original prototype, down to the smallest detail. We have created this very armchair of your dreams that wins special attention, and is accepted with love.

Handcrafted solid wood furniture has value and soul:

Wood is a unique natural material, its wonderful properties give me an opportunity to create genuine and lasting beauty. This living material is like a touch of the Mother Earth, a strong bond with the pure nature. When I come in contact with wood, I feel a deep proximity to nature. Since my childhood, I have had a love for nature and a special connection with the forest and wood.

This inner intuitive bond has accompanied me throughout my life, it shapes my attitude towards nature and life as a whole. When making another wooden armchair or some other item, I’m very grateful I can credit the fruits of the earth with respect and dignity.


My belief in core values has led me to use this unique resource with dignity. Everything I made from wood is handicraft into which I put my soul and love. By acting and living consciously, we create value – crafting items that own lots of inherent properties of good furniture.

There is no place for the concepts of assembly line and mass production. It takes exactly as much time as it needs to make a piece. It takes decades for the forests to grow, and when I feel the same way, contributing the most valuable thing – my time –, and doing it with my whole heart and prudence, I show my gratitude and respect towards nature. The time spent allows me to pay attention to detail, and due to my excellence-seeking nature, I always strive to get the perfect result.

I rely on classical wood processing technology and traditional knowledge, but blend new technological possibilities into my work. I feel wrapped in that special warmth when using simple hand tools, such as planers, chisels, etc. in the process. Aside from the best high-tech electrical equipment, I always implement hand tools and equipment in the process whenever possible. The combination allows me to maintain exceptional precision when producing, joining and finishing the details, plus generating an aura of true mastery into my items as well.

The carcasses are made only from solid wood, with no compromise on choice. Wood is an indispensable material for me. Just looking at the wood, smelling it, and touching its structure, gives me joy. Each type of wood has its own value, and is irreplaceable when used for the right purpose in the right place, be it pine or ash, birch, maple, or oak. I almost always use them in combination for the chair carcasses, so the result is perfect in its wholeness.

In the business world, time has taken on the material meaning: “Time is money”. For me, however, effectiveness is expressed in my outlook on life, the energy of time. My calling is a part of my life. Being in harmony with myself, and maintaining my inner balance, I’m constantly developing, which is an effective driving force.

I consciously invest my time, being committed to what I’m doing, thus achieving a perfect end result.


I feel ultimate happiness when creating and enjoying the process. I sincerely believe that everyone who buys any item crafted by a master who is charged with positive energy, will benefit from it.

This means making furniture that develops an emotional bond, which adds value to your space, and is designed to last.

Everything we create in the Color Life studio is born out of our inner desire to create beauty, to generate with genuine emotion, from the bottom of our hearts and souls, and with love.

We are grateful to all the people who find delight in our creation. It feels good to craft things that add beauty and colours to the world, light up your eyes, bring you joy, help to create a positive outlook on life, boost love and build confidence.

Let’s build a better, fairer and purer world together!